Training was excellent today. Only one guy came, but he is very good.

I went to training feeling great, feeling refreshed, and feeling privileged to be able to teach jiu jitsu.

This guy is very tough, very strong, and although he is Algerian, he has yamato damashii… mentally very tough. But today I decided not to let him do anything to me. And, it worked. Usually I play a little timidly, as I often do with people who are physically strong or aggressive, but today I mentally had the edge. I feel my last tournament fight blew the cobwebs away big time and I am refreshed and ready for the next one now. A photographer came to take some photos for the website, and they look pretty freakin’ sweet! Apart from my spotty face.

OJJ, the “borderless” jiu jitsu club in Japan that encompasses anyone and everyone who loves grappling, has a good heart and likes to train hard, is going from strength to strength. They are the driving force behind a unification of jiu jitsu in southern Japan, organising seminars, encouraging tournaments, and as a result, allowing new branches of well-established BJJ schools to open up.

They have started a Japanese BJJ Podcast called “Radio Prototype”. It’s pretty damn cool.

The podcast is hosted by a guy called Mars from the band Paraele Stripes, and he speaks near-perfect English, but they don’t speak much English. You can download it here by clicking on the link in the middle of the page

Download here



And, I have already posted this but here it is in easy to view form: Kiwame Night, a mixture of live music, grappling, shooto and jiu jitsu, hosted by OJJ. Pretty cool stuff. In fact I just watched it again and it is ridiculously cool, I wish I was there.

6 Responses to “BJJ Update, and Video and Podcast from OJJ (Japanese BJJ!)”

  1. That OJJ video gave me goosbumps it is so freakin cool. Posting this on EFN

  2. Amazing isn’t it!
    Plus, the music is by a local band. I chatted with the lead singer last night. I think they will do many future collaborations!

  3. Cool! I’m heading to Japan in 3 days :) Maybe I’ll get a chance to hang out with these guys… where are those fights held at? In Tokyo?

  4. No! In little old Fukuoka, my friend!

  5. Wow! This is opening my eyes to a world I had not seen before :)

    Thanks man!

  6. That video is all sorts of badass. I went to a legit shooto grappling match in Tokyo (Korakuen) where a guy tried a springboard takedown off the ropes once. Crazy.

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