I just thought I’d share with you some hilariously machine translated versions of Aoki Shinya’s Kamipro (Japanese MMA magazine) blog.

Flea Market

I think I’ll do a free market guy riding a trend.

Between about this, I just threw away a lot of unwanted things, but that does not mean a thing Let’s try something at home or in lockers. Simply “flea market” that everyone please come you’re so inclined and I’ve got to do it just like it sounds cool.

Mr. Kitaoka seem out from the second to wear with a nosebleed Goods Aoki …

Nosebleed goods eh? That must be why he is always wearing that mask.

Hey-you know what? I just decided something. I’m inspired by Aoki. I think tomorrow, I’ll do a free market guy riding a trend.

Strikeforce Travel Journal

American travel to the U.S. in the evening hours on April 13 in Japan.

Mr. Kitaoka is a kind of tension is low. Mr. Kitaoka Naka Kon says, is not seen. The plane apparently dislike hate overseas. Junior Aoki had no heart to ask Mr. Kitaoka second that. But get me to thank Mr. Kitaoka.

In contrast, Mr. Nakai has been really excited to love on the plane. And like that time in flight. Teacher, “Let’s go abroad, but they feel!” Our words and positive. Of course I care! Hasegawa, president Twitter hard.

Dallas at Nashville, is because there is no direct flight transfer? Kitaoka’s less tension MAX!! Surprisingly low. Less than Narita. Dr. Nakai is fine MAX! Hasegawa, president Twitter!

local time in Nashville …

Yuki Nakai was excited to love on the plane? And Kitaoka, silly old Kitaoka, always less tension MAX!!

American Diary Day 2

fruit and bagels in the cafe before going down to the lobby at 6:00 in the morning.
Fruit is free from two ♪
♪ It’s from Japan and higher

Dan Henderson and photographed.
Move the camera at 7:00.
American Bad usual compartment.

I’ll forgive it because you can eat fruit.
Choi ends in two hours.

Driving by car from the airport to the plane just barely.
Begurupakutsu fruit has been taken to the scene.
Best watermelon.
Aoki beetles.

Delicious bread from the U.S. firm.
I mean the quality of good taste, but the Japanese Perhaps, that is hard bagels like.
East feel like the hard bread.
I do not feel like butter too.
Japanese bread is like this.

Jump to the airport for last minute boarding.
At about 11.
It was two hours after arriving in the wake sleeping … taking melatonin.
Loss in rice食Ezu mood.

Japan on the evening ….

Now isn’t that a romantic poem? Hey guys, got a problem with American Bad usual compartment? Well, I forgive you because you can eat fruit. That’s a good skill to have nowadays. Aoki beetles.

American Diary Day 1

from 10:30 am to NTT hop on the Narita Express in Spar.

When players come from the gym “♪ ♪ I hope the cheap supplements America” and was told that, “Well, lucky guy,” and be amazed. Unable to heat it through my martial arts Well unfortunately. Praying.

Notebook with a protein bar put bite in the Narita Express all told. Sleepy or tired of the exercise.

Airport Arrival!
Girl and a university reunion.

DREAM joined the boarding staff.
♪ pounding first business class
business-can-drink beverage business has its own lounge.

15:00 flight.
Sleep aboard the plane.
Earnestly sleep.
Ross you notice.
No swelling of the plane.
The terrible effects of secret weapon under armor underwear recovery system.
When you feel it … let it go up too.

Mike Cogan’s are waiting in the car and get off the airport immigration.
In no way testicle.
Way around 10:00 local.

Jim got into the car to shoot.
Muhammed Lawal’m taken away.
Can you pick up your middle finger with a smile.
♪ finger also (laughs)

taken half an hour.
Eat rice.
Quest Team as Muhammed Lawal et al.
Delicious salmon sandwiches and salads.

And public practice from noon news conference and interviews.
End at 18.
American pace, too.
Bad partition.

Robbery with a gift Rokkusutadorinku Sutoraikufosushatsu. Aoki greed. Get stopped by a supermarket on the way home. She’s (she also suspected in the brain) is ….

Wow you know what I hate when you travel on a plane? The terrible effects of secret weapon under armour underwear recovery system. That is on no way testicle.

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