Finally I finished editing! It took me a while – life has been hectic – but here it is. Maximo Blanco, filmed in Tokyo last year. Short and sweet, like a lot of his fights (as someone pointed out!)

We originally went to Yoshida Dojo to talk to Nakamura Kazuhiro (also yet to be edited) and interviewing Maxi was a welcome surprise. Truly a gent. I wasn’t that familiar with him and after the interview I thought “What a lovely chap, I must look him up on youtube…” Jesus H Christ the man is an animal.


The Grappling Dummy: Maximo Blanco from martial farts on Vimeo.

Presented by Manto and Scramble

Maximo Blanco is an up and coming phenom currently fighting for Sengoku Raiden Championships.

A whirlwind of violence in the ring, Maximo is a gentle, engaging, and funny person outside of it.

I leave the talk about current and future fights, and up-to-the-minute news to the other news sites and interviewers. With each video I make I try to give you a slice of the subject’s life, what motivates and inspires them.

Maximo is from Venezuela but was scouted to wrestle in Japan, and has since found his home with SRC.

Directed by Matt Benyon

Music by Paraele Stripes

And Kent Siig

Interpretation by Masafumi Matsumoto

All rights are reserved, please do not download or distribute without my permission.

3 Responses to “[Video] The Grappling Dummy: Maximo Blanco”

  1. Blanco is a terror in the ring. It’s very cool to see how he’s training and thinking about things.

    Does he speak fluent Japanese and embrace the culture there or does he stick a bit more to the Venezuelan roots?

  2. He has lived there since high school, so he speaks fluent if slightly accented Japanese! Top guy.

  3. His Japanese is staggering. I was kind of taken back, I’m very impressed. He is also, in fact, an ungodly beast in the ring.

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