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The disaster in Japan is still going on.

It is very, very slowly getting better, but entire towns are still nothing more than piles of rubble.

Japan still needs our help and support.

Daniel Herbertson has been doing some amazing work, following Enson Inoue on his missions to help the people in the worst affected areas of the Tohoku disaster.

I honestly think that this video is one of the greatest pieces of journalism I have ever seen, and it elevates both Dan and Enson to personal heroes of mine.

It is a must-watch.

Secondly, if you missed it, many of JMMA’s stars got together to fight in a public ring in Roppongi Hills (Tokyo) to bring awareness and donations to the Tohoku disaster.

This video is particularly poignant because it features Jin Harano, a fighter and gym owner who lost his entire gym in the disaster, fighting against Rumina Sato. Hirano enters the ring with tears already in his eyes.

Hirano, while tough, is not on the level of Sato. The fight between them is very moving. Hirano struggles to battle against the hardened veteran, who urges him on firmly yet fairly. Hirano refuses to give up even when in a number of submissions.

The fight becomes a metaphor for the struggle he faces rebuiling his life after being so directly affected by the Tohoku disaster.

Truly inspirational stuff. The video also shows Masato, despite retiring, being in excellent shape, participating in two exhibition K-1 bouts.

Check it out, and express your thanks to Dan for filming all this for us.

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