In the continuing series, Scramble Matt being beaten up by Scramblers, I face off against Oli Geddes, the original Scrambler!

(Must get Scramble Ben to participate in one of these videos next!)

Best thing about this was, having only seen Oli dominate people with his half guard game, to find myself completely crushed by his heretofore unseen by me pressure-tastic top game!

DkA – Lively up yourself (Bob Marley vocal edit)…

3 Responses to “[Video] Scramble Matt rolling with Oli Geddes!”

  1. Was it off putting to realise he was laughing to himself most of the time?

  2. Yes! And also the fact that he was doing most of the techniques he had just been teaching.

  3. Jesus, that pass he first does at around the minute mark is so simple it’s incredible. Great vid, Matt…

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