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The Scramble Kimono “1CHIBAN”!

  • 550GSM peal weave, navy top
  • Cotton / poly blend pants – resists moisture, stays light and strong
  • Ultra reinforced pants
  • Innovative drawstring
  • All-embroidered designs
  • Plus other features not shown.

Available later this year at Scramble, and at Budo Videos for US customers!

This will be a one-off, one batch thing only, with a limited pre-order window. These things are going to sell faster than headache tablets at a Jedward concert.

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Scramble Gi

The Scramble Gi: Ichiban

This video has it all!

- Overweight master sensei

- Over eager ukes (AH THE PAIN OF IT ALL)

- Really bad VHS production


- 12-volume DVD set

- Ridiculous pressure point tekkers


Defeating Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu With Pressure Points from MMA on Vimeo.

At a recent DEEP event (Cage Impact), a very important fight was held.

It was the retirement bout between Hiroyuki Abe, the man who founded AACC in Tokyo (home to Megumi Fujii, loads of top Japanese contenders, and most foreign fighters like Josh Barnett and Joachim Hansen when they visit) and Atuhiro Tsuboi, who would retire after the fight. I’m not so familiar with Tsuboi but I believe he founded a team called Grappling Shoot Boxers.

This would be like Ken Shamrock fighting Pat Militech or something, only far less sucky and with less steroids involved.

Abe-san said of the fight:

I think,I was fighting spirit and soul. Man and man were fighting.


I was contacted the other day by Mr. Hywel Teague, currently living the life or Riley and awesomeness in Rio, letting me know that he had gold dust in video form – an interview with the legendary Rickson Gracie.

That’s a little like a fan of Transformers getting an interview with ACTUAL Optimus Prime.

Without further ado, here it is… Listen, watch, digest, rewind, watch some more, and cry into your pillow when realising you’ll never be as awesome as this guy.

The awesome Grapple Videos have released a (Scramble sponsored!) video about Gunnar Nelson.

Gunnar is an Icelandic phenom who has trained extensively with the Straight Blast Gym guys, and Renzo Gracie.

His approach to BJJ is entirely unique, and this video is well worth a watch, both for the production qualities as the content. First spotted on the awesome BJJ Hacks (which you must also check out!)

Gunnar Nelson Seminar 2011 from stuart cooper on Vimeo.

I must get this DVD for the Scramble store!

Takanori Gomi, Kohei Yasumi, Sayaka Shioda, Shrek Sekine, Tetsu Hadairo… Shit! I want to watch it now!

Alliance achieved the Grand Slam of BJJ this year, which is absolutely ridiculous.

In a world that has long been dominated by people and teams whose last name is Gracie (or whose first name has R’s that are pronounced like H’s), the Alliance team, headed by Romero Jacare Cavalcante and Fabio Gurgel, has hit its stride.

This year, they took the Grand Slam of BJJ. In the adult division, Alliance won the Pan American championships, the European Championships, the World Championships, and even the Brazilian Nationals. They pretty much owned the world as far as competition BJJ is concerned.

Founding member Romero “Jacare” Cavalcante was gracious enough to give me a few minutes of his time.

Congratulations on another successful world championships. How are you feeling now that it is finished?

Thank you, was very nice to win gain for the 6th time. Feeling really good, mission accomplished, we won the Grand Slam for the first time ever this year.

Were there any athletes that stood out for you in particular this time?

We had a lot athletes standing out this year, Marcelo Garcia, Bruno Malfacine,Sergio Moraes, Leo Nogueira, Jordon, Macarrao, Michel, Dimi, and so many that is hard to mention everybody.

What do you think makes Alliance special and gives you so much success?

Everything makes us especial, the coaches, the students,the way we treat and work with our guys, the relationship between us, the training the hard work.

How do you encourage your athletes – what kind of atmosphere do you create in training?

The atmosphere is very good, I try to encourage them and make the training very intense and very hard everyday, training all kind of situations, always showing them why and where they need to improve to get better.

How strongly do you think the influence of Rolls Gracie is still felt today?

Rolls was very influential in my life, my students don’t know much about him except for what I talk about him, my teachings has a lot of him in our style of course, I owe everything that I know to Rolls he was a great man and the best of his time.

What do you think training in the GI can offer MMA athletes?

The Gi is the base is how you can improve your game, learn the basics ad get your game tight, this only make you better, no matter what, even if you train just for mma the training with the Gi will make you better.

What one piece of advice can you give all developing BJJ athletes?

The advice I can give is to train hard, consistently with a good instructor that have roots with a good school.

What are Alliance’s plans for the rest of 2011 and next year?

The plan is the same, work hard, teach everyday, make our schools better, give support to our association, keep growing with good quality and have fun, life is short we have to enjoy it.

Thanks for the opportunity and have a great rest of 2011.

After this weekend’s amazing Mundials, Steven Seagal’s influence grows ever stronger.

The Great One’s reach extends to beyond disciplines, beyond races, beyond time.

Here’s one of the most amazing BJJ competitors of all time, Marcelo Garcia, crediting Seagal for his win.

There has been some discussion on the current state of BJJ legend Terere.

Our good friends at Tatami Fightwear, who sponsored Terere throughout his recent run in the UK and Europe and continue to do so now, are in close contact with Terere and his network in Brazil.

They released the following statement, indicating that although Terere was suffering some problems and is not likely to challenge for any major titles any time soon, the problems are not drug related.

Hi guys we just wanted to post this message on the forums to clear up any rumours or speculations regarding Terere being back in rehab for drug use. We have been informed by our sponsors who are friendly with Fernando and his family that he is currently in hospital recovering from exhaustion and depression. He is not in rehabilitation for any drug related problems. As all of you are aware he spend the last 12 months touring Europe training hard and teaching seminars almost non stop. As a result he missed his family and daughter and returned to Brazil several weeks ago to continue training. On his return he became depressed and was admitted to hospital. We hope that the international BJJ community will stand by Fernando as he recovers and gets back to training soon. The excitement the BJJ world has seen over the past 12 months with Terere back has been extraordinary and we wish him a speedy recovery, and look forward to his return to the UK later this year!

I’m sincerely hoping that Terere’s problems are not drug related, but he wouldn’t be the first addict to relapse – not by a long shot.

Having spent some time with him in the UK, he was generous, open and friendly – and in great shape, training hard and watching his diet. I hope he will recover soon – from whatever ails him.

They keep on churning them out. I might be wrong but I think this is the most concerted effort DREAM have made to keep up a stready stream of hype leading up to an event. Perhaps it’s because the card is so stacked with local talent?

First up is the awesome Tokoro x Maeda follow up hype video.

Tokoro is the cindarella story of JMMA, starting off as a school janitor when he was fighting in Shooto and knocking out legends like Pequenio Nogueria. He’s the perennial underdog, a schoolboy blessed with godlike grappling and an uncanny ability to dodge bullets. Maeda is a man’s man, with solid standup skills and a lot of experience.

Check it out.

Next up is a mildly extremely disappointing video of Imanari and Aoki’s “Open Training Session”, although they are notorious about not showing themselves working out too much.

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