Check out this amazing match from the black belt finals of the 2011 Dumau Kimonos cup in Japan.

It showcases the skill and heart of Koji Komuro, a former Kodokan judo instructor and black belt in BJJ and judo, and Marcos Souza, one of the famous Souza brothers.


Ps have you noticed the new Scramble black grappling spats? Check em out!

DREAM are striking out on their own without the help of the flailing K1 for this year’s New Year’s Eve spectacular.

All the JMMA goodness you could want in here… This video comes in at a substantial 15 minutes. Enjoy!


(This post contains two videos.)

The disaster in Japan is still going on.

It is very, very slowly getting better, but entire towns are still nothing more than piles of rubble.

Japan still needs our help and support.

Daniel Herbertson has been doing some amazing work, following Enson Inoue on his missions to help the people in the worst affected areas of the Tohoku disaster.

I honestly think that this video is one of the greatest pieces of journalism I have ever seen, and it elevates both Dan and Enson to personal heroes of mine.

It is a must-watch.

Secondly, if you missed it, many of JMMA’s stars got together to fight in a public ring in Roppongi Hills (Tokyo) to bring awareness and donations to the Tohoku disaster.

This video is particularly poignant because it features Jin Harano, a fighter and gym owner who lost his entire gym in the disaster, fighting against Rumina Sato. Hirano enters the ring with tears already in his eyes.

Hirano, while tough, is not on the level of Sato. The fight between them is very moving. Hirano struggles to battle against the hardened veteran, who urges him on firmly yet fairly. Hirano refuses to give up even when in a number of submissions.

The fight becomes a metaphor for the struggle he faces rebuiling his life after being so directly affected by the Tohoku disaster.

Truly inspirational stuff. The video also shows Masato, despite retiring, being in excellent shape, participating in two exhibition K-1 bouts.

Check it out, and express your thanks to Dan for filming all this for us.

More from the geniuses at DREAM’s media department.

I am mega pumped for this event.

Shown mostly from Tokoro’s POV. Check out him training with Omigawa in the Groundslam dojo.

EDIT! There are TWO cool new videos on the DREAM channel! Check em out!

Japanese MMA hype videos are just a cut above.

So slick, confident and fresh. The fighters are always portrayed as real people with real if somewhat enchanted lives. Bright city lights, sharp suits, cauliflower ears, the squeak of the canvas underfoot, flashing camera bulbs…

Check out this hype video for DREAM: Bantamweight GP (Fight for Japan) and see the fighters pick their own opponents and do some mild shit-talking in Japanese.


Check out this BJJ match at the recent Shooto charity event.

So cool to see two great MMA fighters put the gi on and go at it!

Rumina Sato and Shuichiro Katsumura

DREAM have released a promo video for the Strikeforce event in April that features Aoki and Kawajiri.

This video nearly brought a tear to my eye.

It makes reference to the recent earthquake / tsunami disaster.


Genki Sudo does it again.

Genki is one of the most comfortable people in his own skin I think I have ever seen.

He is comfortable fighting, philosophising, dancing, singing… Truly a fantastic human being.

Here is his message to Japan, after the recent disaster, translated courtesy of a youtube user:

Hi everyone, I’m Genki Sudou

First, i feel sorry and i will pray for all the people that has been go through this horrible disaster

Then thanks for all the hard work that all the staffs have been done for helping the people to get through this disaster

Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Crisis, these problems have been surround us like never

Especially the nuclear crisis problem

I think that no matter how strong the light is, the darkness will eat it someday


So i hope everyone can think, talk, and act positively

The world won’t change by himself, but if every little one of us changed, then the world will change with us

I hope everyone can open their heart, their voice, encourage the people, to get through this crisis


And, here is his new music video, which closely follows the original “World Order”, and is an epic win, as a result.

“Machine Civilisation”

My friend Ide-san had posted this video before but as the first few minutes seemed to be about buses, I ignored it. I just watched the whole thing and it’s actually great!

Ide-san is a purple belt, All-Japan BJJ champion, and runs his own gym, Paraestra Nakagawa.

Japan TV station FBS was doing a show about things to see and do in his area, and his dojo featured prominently.

The jiu jitsu starts at around six minutes if you can’t wait, but if you’d like to see a slice of the idyllic suburban Japanese life, I would recommend you watch the whole thing.

Ide-san rents the gym out to my other friend Sam, who runs an English class there (“Language Station”) for Japanese kids (among other places). So cool to see him being successful!

I found these videos through Ishikawa Yuki’s facebook.

I met Yuki-san when I went to Tokyo a few years ago. I wanted to check him out since I had a lot of respect for the head of Tri Force, Mitsuyoshi Hayakawa, and I heard Yuki had great English. (Apparently Yuki joked after I said I wanted to come meet him – “Maybe he thinks I’m Yuki Nakai?!”)

(By the way I can highly recommend a visit to his dojo for any English speaking BJJers going through Tokyo : Tri Force Aoyama.)

Anyway, here are a couple of nice techniques, demonstrated in Japanese and then English.

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