We approached Darren about sponsorship a while ago, due to his awesome jiu jitsu and all the cool adventures he has been on fighting in Japan and around the world. Soon after that, he got snapped up by the UFC… score!

So here he is preparing to fight Yamamoto Kid at UFC on Fox. Three video diaries. Lots of Scramble on display. In the latest he’s wearing the shirt we made for him in collaboration with Gawakoto, which goes on sale in the next 24 hours.



In the continuing series, Scramble Matt being beaten up by Scramblers, I face off against Oli Geddes, the original Scrambler!

(Must get Scramble Ben to participate in one of these videos next!)

Best thing about this was, having only seen Oli dominate people with his half guard game, to find myself completely crushed by his heretofore unseen by me pressure-tastic top game!


DkA – Lively up yourself (Bob Marley vocal edit)

This video has it all!

- Overweight master sensei

- Over eager ukes (AH THE PAIN OF IT ALL)

- Really bad VHS production


- 12-volume DVD set

- Ridiculous pressure point tekkers


Defeating Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu With Pressure Points from MMA on Vimeo.

I was contacted the other day by Mr. Hywel Teague, currently living the life or Riley and awesomeness in Rio, letting me know that he had gold dust in video form – an interview with the legendary Rickson Gracie.

That’s a little like a fan of Transformers getting an interview with ACTUAL Optimus Prime.

Without further ado, here it is… Listen, watch, digest, rewind, watch some more, and cry into your pillow when realising you’ll never be as awesome as this guy.

The awesome Grapple Videos have released a (Scramble sponsored!) video about Gunnar Nelson.

Gunnar is an Icelandic phenom who has trained extensively with the Straight Blast Gym guys, and Renzo Gracie.

His approach to BJJ is entirely unique, and this video is well worth a watch, both for the production qualities as the content. First spotted on the awesome BJJ Hacks (which you must also check out!)

Gunnar Nelson Seminar 2011 from stuart cooper on Vimeo.

The Lock and Roll show is here.

Thank you, internet, affordable video equipment, and downtime, for allowing projects like this to exist.

Check out the inner workings of the Mill Hill Combat & Conditioning Academy and, dare I say it, champion factory.

Featuring our Scrambler Dan Strauss who recently won the ADCC Europe qualifiers (and a host of Scramble gear on display, natch!), I am already eagerly awaiting the next episode. So eagerly in fact that I just drop kicked a horse out of pure frustration/impatience.


The Lock & Roll Show – Episode One from The Lock & Roll Show on Vimeo.

They keep on pumping them out!

Check out the hype video for this battle between young bruiser Takafumi Otsuka and the dashingly handsome Kenji Osawa.


Rare chance to see Imanari at home with family.

Honestly, until this point, I actually thought he lived on his own in a tiny apartment filled with kettlebells, single speed bikes and plastic models of anime characters.

I cannot wait for DREAM this weekend.

(This post contains two videos.)

The disaster in Japan is still going on.

It is very, very slowly getting better, but entire towns are still nothing more than piles of rubble.

Japan still needs our help and support.

Daniel Herbertson has been doing some amazing work, following Enson Inoue on his missions to help the people in the worst affected areas of the Tohoku disaster.

I honestly think that this video is one of the greatest pieces of journalism I have ever seen, and it elevates both Dan and Enson to personal heroes of mine.

It is a must-watch.

Secondly, if you missed it, many of JMMA’s stars got together to fight in a public ring in Roppongi Hills (Tokyo) to bring awareness and donations to the Tohoku disaster.

This video is particularly poignant because it features Jin Harano, a fighter and gym owner who lost his entire gym in the disaster, fighting against Rumina Sato. Hirano enters the ring with tears already in his eyes.

Hirano, while tough, is not on the level of Sato. The fight between them is very moving. Hirano struggles to battle against the hardened veteran, who urges him on firmly yet fairly. Hirano refuses to give up even when in a number of submissions.

The fight becomes a metaphor for the struggle he faces rebuiling his life after being so directly affected by the Tohoku disaster.

Truly inspirational stuff. The video also shows Masato, despite retiring, being in excellent shape, participating in two exhibition K-1 bouts.

Check it out, and express your thanks to Dan for filming all this for us.

With all the chopping and a-changing at the last minute of Aoki Shinya’s opponent, DREAM’s PR team certainly had their work cut out for them, but they still managed to pull a wicked video out of their oshiri at the last minute.

Aoki is PUMPED for this fight.

He says, I will not lose, again and again. He says the UFC is the number one promotion in the world, and that is his goal (an interesting sentiment – I suppose many would hope that Aoki would be cheering for JMMA to rejuvenate himself, but he is taking a more pragmatic and realistic view.)

I am suitably hyped for DREAM: Fight for Japan. The first DREAM event of the year, finally! This will be an important one. I think (hope?) that Japan will rally behind the promotion this time and give it the boost it – and the country – needs.

Much like Rikidozan almost single handedly kept the Japanese spirit burning after World War II with his in-ring antics, here’s hoping that the Japanese lightweights can inspire the same feeling of pride.

Great article by Tony Lousiuersiousijrireler on Sherdog about JMMA here.

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